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North Togo Tour

380000 fcfa


This tour is perfect for adventure seekers and people who love to see tribes
The highlights of the tour are :
– the hippos
– The Batamariba tribe
– The blacksmiths village
– The elephants
– The Aledjo cave

Day 1
We pick you in Lome in the morning at a location of your choice
Drive to Mango
We arrive in the afternoon
Night in Mango

Day 2
We visit the hippos
We drive toward Kara
On the way we visit the koutamakou ( Koutamakou is the area where live the Batamariba tribe famous with their unique houses called Tatas )
We can also add the famous cross in Defale
We drive to Sarakawa
Night in Sarakawa

Day 3
In the morning we cross into Djamde Park to see elephants ( There is a project of conservation aiming to reinsert elephants in Djamde natural park )
After we drive to Tchare mountain village to see the blacksmiths
We drive to Kara
Night in Kara

Day 4
We drive back toward LOME
We stop in Bafilo to see traditional weavers and in Aledjo to see the cave
Arrival in LOME
End of tour



The price includes transportation, accommodation for 3 nights , guiding and all activities mentioned. It doesn’t include food and personal expenses

Solo traveler : 630 000 fcfa / person

2 guests : 380000 fcfa /person