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Our name and logo

Association YOUTHLEAD

Our name and logo

Our name

Mowoki means “I am going there “ in Kabye ( which is with ewe the two national languages of Togo ). By choosing Mowoki as Brand name we want to make sure our guests always reach the tour destinations they book . We commit to work on all the important and necessary measures to keep them safe during our tours

Our Logo

It’s a representation of an Abstract Carved Wood Moba ( an ethnic group in northern Togo) Statue from Togo in West Africa. Moba figures stand as sentinels in front of Togo homes and village entrances, and are also placed on intimate family altars, providing protection for those who respect the tradition . This Moba has weathered and because of that more highly valued in the culture. In their minimalist aesthetic, these Mobas merge the best of the « primitive » and the post-contemporary. This would be a wonderful addition to your collection or home.