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Meet our founder

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Meet our founder

Jeremies Pimizi is a 32 year old social entrepreneur based in Togo with more than 10 years experience in travel and tourism industry in west Africa . He is the founder of Mowoki Tours, a sustainable travel company that specializes in organizing tours and related activities. They operate tours in Togo, Benin, and Ghana. The majority of their tours focus on small communities and villages so they can help make a positive difference in the development of the local economy. After working several years as freelance tour guide for many companies he started Mowoki with the objective to give unique local experience to travelers.

As part of the social mission of Mowoki jeremies founded in 2016 FLY FOR LIFE ORGANIZATION. Fly for life supports the local communities which are also Mowoki destinations. FLY FOR LIFE is currently running 4 successful programs including health care, teaching of technology and sciences, Eduball program focused on education via soccer and financial literacy to women and farmers. Jeremies has been a Tedx speaker in February 2020 in Lomé.


Our company is officially registered in Togo which means we have to reach a certain safety standard for our tours . Our staff is trained and they have first aid certificates. All our vehicles are checked on a regular basis and before every trip . As it’s said it’s difficult to plan what can happen on tour but it’s possible to take measures to avoid anything to happen . So all our company standards are set toward that . We will continue working with our different partners for the safety of our guests