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  • Duration

    3 DAYS

  • Price

    Euros 450

Voodoo trail tour
The best way to learn about voodoo
Duration : 3 days /2 nights

Departure possibility : Lomé or Cotonou
The itinerary of he tour can change

-Python temple in Ouidah
-Possotomé village
-Ganvie fishermen village
-Lake Ahémé

Day 1
Drive to Calavi from Lome or Cotonou depending on your start point .In case you start in Lome, you will have to stop at Hilakondji border for VISA processing.
You will then take a boat ride to Ganvie fishermen village.The village has the particularity to be in water.The legend says that the ancestors of people living there currently settled there at early 18th century to escape slave traders. Most of their activities including market,school,hospital take place on the lake .Despite the presence of churches and mosques most of the people are voodoo adepts.

-Drive to Ouidah.
In Ouidah start the tour with a visit to the Python Voodoo temple. The Python is very important in Ouidah as the name Ouidah is Python in local language.

We leave Ouidah for Possotome.Possotome is a small village very famous with its water company brand known in west Africa.Voodoo is the main religion and voodoo adepts rule in the village.In Possotome after lunch your guide will take you to hiking around the village assisted by a voodoo adept.You will have the possibility to see the two sacred forests of the village with explanation for their impact and role in the village. Then take part to the slave road tour to understand how slave trade got influenced by the voodoo religion.

Day 3
The day starts with a small ride by boat on Aheme Lake and you will be able to see some fetishes of the village in water.
Meet a voodoo priest
Drive back to Cotonou or Lomé
End of tour

Price :
450 euros/person (single)
255 euros /person (2 persons)
Including transportation,
guide, accommodation  and attraction fees
Not including food, drinks and personal expenses