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This tour takes you to north Togo to discover the  Batamariba tribe .


Elephants in Djamde park

Tamberma castles in Koutamakou

Blacksmiths in Tcharé mountain village

Aledjo cave on the national road

Traditional weavers in Bafilo (option)

Day 1


We leave for Kara (7 hours drive)

The stops on the road and amazing scenery through villages by the national road will make the drive fun. We promise you won’t get bored.


Visit of blacksmiths in Tcharé village

Tcharé village :It’s a village near Kabye mountain. The men there are mainly blacksmiths and women potters.

Night in Kara

Hotel la Douceur



Day 2

Visit of Djamde Park to see the elephants


Visit of Tamberma people in Koutamakou

Koutamakou : It’s the name given to Tamberma Valley. Tamberma people (the batamariba tribe) settled there just in the valley close to Atakora mountain chain in 17th century. They have built special and unique type houses and today the area is a UNESCO world heritage sight

Night in Kara

Hotel la Douceur


Day 3

Stop in Bafilo to see traditional weavers at work

Stop in Aledjo to see the cave

Aledjo cave : It can be spotted on the way from Kara to Sokode. The cave has been cut to make the way creating a beautiful place

Back to Lomé

End of tour

  1. The price includes car +driver +tour activities + accommodation in the hotels mentioned in the tour

From 3 Guests ask for a quote

1 Guest : 600 euros/person 2 Guests : 350 euros/person

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