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Benin tours

Benin (officially called the Republic of Benin) is a country in Africa. The capital of Benin is Porto-Novo. The seat of government is in Cotonou, the country's largest city. Most people live on the small southern coastline on the Bight of Benin.The official language of Benin is French. Languages such as Fon and Yoruba are commonly spoken. The largest religious group in Benin is Roman Catholicism. This is followed closely by Islam, Vodun, and Protestantism.

Visitors to Benin must obtain a visa from one of the Beninese diplomatic missions or apply for an E-visa,unless they come from one of the visa exempt countries.

  • Euros 250|3 Days Tour

Ganvie and Abomey Tour :3days

Departure possibility : Lome or Cotonou
Day 1
Drive to Abomey from Lome or Cotonou depending on your start point. In case you start in Lome,you will […]

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  • Euros 315|4 Days Tour

Ouidah and Possotome Tour :4 days

Departure possibility: Cotonou or Lome
Day 1
Drive to Ouidah from Lome or Cotonou depending on your start point .In case you start in Lome,you will have […]

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