The city of Possotome, Republic of Benin,
hosted a training of tour guides on the theme: « What challenges for a modern
tour guide in Africa? Organized by Mowoki Tours, a social tour company based in
Togo delivering tours to TOGO, BENIN and GHANA, these meetings were a forum for
exchange and capacity building of the company’s tour guides.

During the training

Listed in the right line of the development
plan of Mowoki Tours , which aims to make the company a player of excellence in
the field of tourism through expertise and diversity of the offer without
omission of an efficient network always listening, including tour guides.

Indeed it is to reflect on the new
challenges of global tourism and that in West Africa in particular that held
this training on 27th and 28 th February 2019. The aim was therefore to raise
awareness and equip the tour guides of the company on the challenges of modern
tourism to stay in line with the values ​​of Mowoki tours. For Jeremies PIMIZI,
CEO of MOWOKI Tours and Senior Trainer, « Tourism is a tool for development
because it values ​​the knowledge and cultural assets of our countries while
boosting related activities and must therefore in our context of developing
countries. offer a quality product.  »

Practice on the field

During the course of the work, the latter
thus highlighted the role of tourism in the economic development of a country,
while providing the participating guides with tools of work and analysis that
are both modern and practical, which should guide the job of tour guide.
Management of itineraries, ethics, safety etc., are the themes that were
discussed and discussed during this training.

The practical dimension of the guiding work
was not obscured with a practical phase that was made to discover the sights of
the city of Possotome.

Essodong ATANA